Nikola is lazy

Today I learned: The country of Macedonia, after forest fires ripped through their country, decided to get off their couches and kick nature’s ass. They planted 6 million trees in one day. When fires occurred the next year they decided to bash nature over the head with their pimp cane and planted more trees for a total of 44 million trees planted in a total of 2 days of planting. Macedonia is the size of a large American city and only has 2 million people…. and you know there were lot of people that were too lazy to help. Macedonia was all like “Nikola, put down the hookah and help us already” and Nikola was like “I’m supervisin’ lol” and Macedonia rolled their eyes and Nikola just laughed and laughed with smoke coming out his mouth. He showed up at the after-party but they would not let him in and Macedonia really loudly would say “MMMMMM. This baklava is good!” where Nikola could hear it and when they would look out the window in between shots of Ouzo they would see him in the garden with his head down, dragging his toes in the dirt and illuminated by the moonlight………probably.