The Great and Secret Show

Memory, prophecy and fantasy
the past, the future and
the dreaming moment between
are all one country,
living one immortal day.

To know that is Wisdom.

To use it is the Art.

– Clive Barker


The Highway To Rumi

A Rumi & AC/DC mashup

Out beyond stop signs and speed limits
There is a highway. I’ll meet you there.
My friends are gonna be there too

When the soul rides on that asphalt
The world is too full to talk about
Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘living easy, living free’
doesn’t make any sense.
I’m going down, all the way down
I’m on the highway to Rumi

The Last Will and Testament of [redacted]

I. Dissemination of my worldly belongings:
What possessions I have should be piled up in the middle of a field a la the Cornucopia scene in The Hunger Games (AKA: Caucasian Battle Royale light). Those interested will have to race to the items at the sound of the starting gun. There are no rules – remember, this is a bloodsport. Continue reading

Washed in the electrons of the lamb

Note: TSOMDC = The state of modern-day Christianity

TSOMDC:  Hey.  I’m almost out of juice.  Do you know where I can plug my laptop in?

Jesus:  Yeah, there’s an outlet right there.

TSOMDC:  So I plug it into you?

Jesus:  No.  You take your plug and stick it in the outlet.  That’s the source for the electricity you are looking for for your laptop Continue reading

The real election…

Americans seem absorbed with politics at this point in our history.  The upcoming elections are a major focus in a news cycle that varies between pre-election, election and post-election.  It is a topic that never leaves and to some extent it is a diversion from the real election.

There is a saying that you have three votes.  You vote with the cash box, the ballot box and if all else fails, the cartridge box.  I think this should be updated to include the computerin’ box but I won’t get into that here.  Of these votes, we are trained to believe it is all about the ballot box.  That is not the real vote.  That is not the real election. Continue reading

Yes, I know I’m weird, but….

… I was using Google Insights to track racial/sexual epithets by state and did a search for “homelessness”. While I do find it interesting and inexplicable the New Mexico would have such a high search rate for this…what was really interesting was the chart above that showing timing for searches.

Notice that it has a regular pattern and looks very much like an EKG for a normal heart.  It peaks every November and a smaller peak in April. November is obvious – Thanksgiving. I am assuming that the April peak is driven by Easter. It bottoms out in July or August when, I assume, people are worried about their vacations Continue reading

When life hands you poo….

I realized today that I am a much more positive person than I used to be.  I stepped into cold poo this morning and all I could think is “I’m really glad that’s not hot poo”