Replace A Word In A Movie Title With “Bacon”

baconOK.  This is from my Facebook wall and  I realize there is no good reason I should find this as entertaining as I did/do.  Some times the most idiotic things strike me as the funniest.  Do you have any additions?

BM :  Bacon. (from the movie “Knowing”)
What do I win?
Me :  Haha. You still have to beat “Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo”
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Like For Heaven


This was my response to a slew of people posting Christian photos (mostly pictures of Jesus) on Facebook with the caption being along the lines of “Like for Heaven, Ignore for Hell!”

I posted this picture with the following text:
Hit LIKE if you have a firm grasp of the usage of Aramaic metaphors, know the basic history of the changing of words in the Bible in it’s translations through various languages, know about the many revisions, have read the books that have been left out of the Bible, are solid in your knowledge of the mythology and religions that pre-dated Christianity and realize that mythology and the emotions they target are what is important and that you really don’t need the words any more once you know that.