My Best Face

Alright… I have no problems telling people that I’m on OKCupid.  I obviously don’t take it (or much else) very seriously.  It’s simply a chance to meet new people and have fun.  I finally uploaded a third photo yesterday and noticed that OKCupid has a feature call My Best Face.  They have your photos judged by other members and then tell you which was is determined to be your most attractive picture.  What I did not realize is that they show you who voted for you and who they chose you over or vice versa.  Luckily I am equipped with a titanium-plated ego….

First of all, I beat the following:

I’m sure this was a close call but I beat out what looks like a vintage comic book cover.

Comic - Lost

Here’s one I personally don’t understand.  I would have voted on Dr. Pimpenstein over me any day of the week.

Pimp - Lost

I simply can not believe this.  I somehow managed to edge out this picture of a blazing house.  They actually found me hotter than the fire, get it?…. cause it’s… fire.. heat..sigh

Fire - Lost

Who I lost to:

OK.  This guy has a gut and an image where you can’t see him that well, but he’s got a car and a house so those are points in his favor.

Fat Car Owner - Won

Well…. everyone does have different tastes….. I guess

Fatty McCrewcut - Won

Really?  This isn’t called My Best Back.  Seriously?

Mr. McCan'tTurnTheRightWay - Won

Come on!!  This guy’s face is cut off.  He’s obviously has a deformity to hide!

The Elephant Man - Won
God-fucking-dammit!  You chose the fucking idiot that can’t even figure out how to rotate a photo!  Shit!

Goddamned Retard - Won

Now… this would make sense.  It’s a classic console gaming system with an original cartridge and looks to be in good condition.  So it’s some random geek girl with a penchant for classic games, right?  That’s what I would have thought if it hadn’t beaten me three goddamned times!!!!

Sweet Console - Won


5 comments on “My Best Face

  1. Andrew says:

    MyBestFace has been taken down by now… Try, gives much better results!

  2. Raea says:

    A friend and I are trying to figure out why our results are similarly confusing… maybe this isn’t the place to extol the magic of crowdsourcing? Is the sample size too small (they always do say “normalized”, after all)? My results seemed to change after I removed a picture, so maybe it screwed up the ordering? Who knows?!

  3. trawna says:

    My best face has something buggy about it. I’ve used it about 8 time and I have compared past results via a spreadsheet (I know, but I’m geeky and I wanted more samples) and I noticed two things:
    1. My photo ranking from previous go-rounds has CHANGED. I.e., the top-ranked photo from my first round on Nov 2011 is now 4th- not in another round, from the same round in Nov 2011 Somehow the result has changed drastically. That’s just one example. Thinking perhaps the program has allowed people to continue to vote on those pics from Nov 11, I counted the # of votes. This leads me to point #2 which is even worse than #1.
    2. Last time I looked, 34 votes were made on my Nov 2011 round of pictures. Not that tally is 31! How can there be fewer votes now than there used to be?

  4. Frivolous Monsters says:

    I heard that a friend of a friend had one of his dating website pictures taken in front of someone else’s car! It’s all a minefield.

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