Chick-fil-A and the Freedom of Speech

If you’re in the United States, you probably are sick of hearing about this.  I’m not going to go over the history of this argument but a simple search of Google News for the term Chick-fil-A should bring you up to speed.  This is so contentious because it exemplifies the ever-growing divide in the United States at this moment.

First Amendment

The first amendment

The arguments I am hearing from the Chick-fil-A supporters are that they are now eating at Chick-fil-A because they support the biblical definition of marriage but mainly because they believe the company’s right to the Freedom of Speech has been violated.  I’m not going to get deep into the biblical stuff because both sides can descend into an ever-widening maelstrom of quotes from a Bronze Age text to support their points and counterpoints.  That being said, the biblical definition of marriage is not so plain as they believe. Continue reading


Your Argument is Invalid

A couple of things I wrote just before the anti-gay amendment vote in NC:

“There are 31,173 verses and 774,746 words in the bible. There are 508 verses commanding you to love (NIV). There are less than half that on judging and those are saying to not do it.
If you choose to focus on 2 verses (.006 %) of the bible to deny other people their pursuit of love free from judgement, you need to take a long, objective look at how Christian you really are.” Continue reading