Confessions of a Book Voyeur

I used to think I was a freak.  In the age of the internet I now realize that, though I am pretty unique in my life perspective, I have light years to travel before I deserve the moniker of “freak”.  I have no major fetishes to speak of.  While I love sex and variation within my sex life, my sex never includes any bodily fluids other than the expected, no animal costumes nor anything that requires power tools. I’m rarely caught on film being pugilistic, I harbor no major prejudices, I’m not prone to conspiratorial thinking (except the Chupacabra, that shit is real) and political debates don’t agitate me though they are a good excuse to agitate others. Continue reading


Corvid Charity

The official name for this idea is Corvid Charities but Corvids encompass more birds than crows so…. TBD.

This is based on many ornithological studies including this one at the University of picture of a crowWashington, the findings of a hacker/writer named Josh Klein and a non-profit I attempted to start a few months ago. After working and living in downtown Portland, OR among the homeless and addicted, I did a lot of research into mental illness, addiction, crime,  homelessness and the links between it all.  I pinned down affordable and accessible mental health programs as both the #1 thing that would affect all of those inter-connected problems and the most cost-effective way of trying to solve all those problems.  I’ve long had an interest in animal intelligence but it turned towards crows with what ironically turned out to be a legend.  The research into mental health, my volunteer experience and animal intelligence all came together after an off-hand joke to a friend. Continue reading

Pop Song Dissection – Sheila – Jamie T

Sheila Goes Out With Her Mate Stella,
It Gets Poured All Over Her Fella,
Cos Shes Says, Man He Aint No Better
Than The Next Man Kicking Up Fuss
Drunk, She Stumbles Down By A River
Screams Calling London, (london)
None Of Us Heard Her Coming,
I Guess The Carpet Weren't Rolled Out
(oh When My Love, My Darling,
You've Left Me Here Alone,
I'll Walk The Streets Of London
Which Once Seemed All Our Own.
The Vast Suburban Churches
Together We Have Found:
The Ones Which Smelt Of Gaslight
The Ones In Incense Drown'd)

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