Pop Song Dissection – Sheila – Jamie T

Sheila Goes Out With Her Mate Stella,
It Gets Poured All Over Her Fella,
Cos Shes Says, Man He Aint No Better
Than The Next Man Kicking Up Fuss
Drunk, She Stumbles Down By A River
Screams Calling London, (london)
None Of Us Heard Her Coming,
I Guess The Carpet Weren't Rolled Out
(oh When My Love, My Darling,
You've Left Me Here Alone,
I'll Walk The Streets Of London
Which Once Seemed All Our Own.
The Vast Suburban Churches
Together We Have Found:
The Ones Which Smelt Of Gaslight
The Ones In Incense Drown'd)

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Some days…

I feel like doodoo on the bottom of life’s least favorite pair of shoes and I’m just waiting for the day the good Lord smells me and decides to scrape me off.