Corvid Charity

The official name for this idea is Corvid Charities but Corvids encompass more birds than crows so…. TBD.

This is based on many ornithological studies including this one at the University of picture of a crowWashington, the findings of a hacker/writer named Josh Klein and a non-profit I attempted to start a few months ago. After working and living in downtown Portland, OR among the homeless and addicted, I did a lot of research into mental illness, addiction, crime,  homelessness and the links between it all.  I pinned down affordable and accessible mental health programs as both the #1 thing that would affect all of those inter-connected problems and the most cost-effective way of trying to solve all those problems.  I’ve long had an interest in animal intelligence but it turned towards crows with what ironically turned out to be a legend.  The research into mental health, my volunteer experience and animal intelligence all came together after an off-hand joke to a friend. Continue reading


My OKCupid Profile

My Self-Summary

Just like everyone else, I am a special snowflake.

Always assume I’m joking.

I am a bi-pedal paradox, a consistent contradiction.

I once made three different people do spit-takes in under a minute. For this I am proud.

I try to find the humor in everything, sometimes even when I shouldn’t.

I always get the bible and the Harry Potter series confused. Continue reading

Like For Heaven


This was my response to a slew of people posting Christian photos (mostly pictures of Jesus) on Facebook with the caption being along the lines of “Like for Heaven, Ignore for Hell!”

I posted this picture with the following text:
Hit LIKE if you have a firm grasp of the usage of Aramaic metaphors, know the basic history of the changing of words in the Bible in it’s translations through various languages, know about the many revisions, have read the books that have been left out of the Bible, are solid in your knowledge of the mythology and religions that pre-dated Christianity and realize that mythology and the emotions they target are what is important and that you really don’t need the words any more once you know that.

Your Argument is Invalid

A couple of things I wrote just before the anti-gay amendment vote in NC:

“There are 31,173 verses and 774,746 words in the bible. There are 508 verses commanding you to love (NIV). There are less than half that on judging and those are saying to not do it.
If you choose to focus on 2 verses (.006 %) of the bible to deny other people their pursuit of love free from judgement, you need to take a long, objective look at how Christian you really are.” Continue reading

The Odds Of Bad Things Not Happening To You

I live life a bit differently from others in a lot of ways.  One of those ways is not having a TV that is hooked up to cable or otherwise getting a signal from the outside world.  I’ve not had this for a dozen years or so.  When an incident happens like the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO, I do not experience the news directly.  As the moon reflects the sun, my friends reflect mainstream news to me.  I see their reaction to this, to various political moves, etc and it seems so out of proportion with reality and what should actually be paid attention to, so I looked up the figures.  Usually these are given as 1 in 50, etc.  For my friends, I decided to calculate the percentage chance that none of these things would happen (US statistics). Continue reading

Moonlight Serenade: Letters From A Distant Lover Throughout History #4

Play this
Brooklyn, NY, USA
September 5th, 1939

My Dearest Genevieve,

brooklyn streetThis morning’s sun found it’s way through that little hole in the shade your brother made last Christmas and blinded me awake long enough to hear the boy on the corner hawking his rag with shouts of war.  I went down to see what the fuss was about and flipped him a nickel for the pleasure.  We got the news 2 days ago about Germany and Poland but now I see France is joining in.  I don’t care how much moolah Donavan is raking in from the Toulouse shows, he needs to pull up stakes and get the whole caravan to make tracks or he’s going to hear it from me.  You know what a pill I can be when it comes to you.  Continue reading

I’ll Save You The Trouble Of Looking It Up…

1 metric fuckton = 2204.62 fuckpounds