Smoke In The Laundry Chute

This post was created after reading Confession of a Serial Titflasher’s post Hotels and Hovels.

HotelI worked in a very run-of-the-mill hotel in the Southeastern US for my second job at the age of 16.  Titflasher is right about how people let their sex lives completely fly in the open in hotels.  Trysts in hallways, “toys” left indiscriminately lying around the room and forced voyeurism to satisfy a guest’s need for exhibitionism… all not uncommon.  Actually, it’s not just sexual.  Many people take their time at hotels to be a chance to shed the skin of polite society and revert to their feral natures in myriad ways. Continue reading


Replace A Word In A Movie Title With “Bacon”

baconOK.  This is from my Facebook wall and  I realize there is no good reason I should find this as entertaining as I did/do.  Some times the most idiotic things strike me as the funniest.  Do you have any additions?

BM :  Bacon. (from the movie “Knowing”)
What do I win?
Me :  Haha. You still have to beat “Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo”
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I don’t know which of you might have seen The Cabin In The Woods but towards the last 5 or 10 minutes I was starting to get the feeling that maybe this movie wasn’t really about a cabin.

The Dalai Lama…

… what a fucking dick.  Am I right?

The Russian Scam

I was watching this video from Toorcon on social engineering called Peoplehacking when they showed this clip below, completely blowing me out of the water and derailing me from watching the rest of the Peoplehacking video.  This really is an amazing clip.

I should preface this with the fact that I am a weird adult and was probably an even weirder kid.  Between the approximate ages of 9 and 14, I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  While it has been many, many, many years since then, I was still able to recognize some techniques from that early learning.  Continue reading

The Feet Don’t Lie

NOTE:  To keep this simple, I am going to assume heterosexual roles for each of my hypothetical people in these situations.

One of my earliest posts was called Body Language in Human Mating Rituals.  While the observations in it were correct, I have to admit I kind of bombed that one.  It was quickly written without adequate time nor thought given to it.  Body language can be very complex.  Sometimes it is as if every part of someone’s body is singing to you and you’re trying to merge each voice into a chorus that tells you a truth beyond words.

The first thing that I teach anyone about reading body language is to look at the feet.  Not only are they one of the easiest, most unambiguous things to read on a person, they tend to tell the truth on a body that may be lying.  Sometimes consciously but I would guess most times not, people try to stifle their body language.  They tend to do this from the head down.  Keeping a poker face would be the first thing you think about.  Keeping your upper body stiff or unnaturally held would be next.  Your legs and feet, however, seem to be oblivious to your mendacity and just hang out down there doing their own thing. Continue reading

My new favorite thing…

… is walking out of a room and then walking back in a minute later, pretending I’ve been gone for weeks and was in an alternate reality where I either did not exist or my relationship with everyone was altered.  I ecstatically kiss and hug everyone, telling them how glad I am to see them and how much I missed them, doing a poor job at containing my excitement at being back in reality with those I love.  I like to point out something trivial and say something like “That old chair!  Ha.  Good old chair!  I thought I’d never see you again.”  Of course, I can’t help sneaking a bit of Jimmy Stewart-ese in when I do it á la this clip.

You seriously should try doing this some time.