Replace A Word In A Movie Title With “Bacon”

baconOK.  This is from my Facebook wall and  I realize there is no good reason I should find this as entertaining as I did/do.  Some times the most idiotic things strike me as the funniest.  Do you have any additions?

BM :  Bacon. (from the movie “Knowing”)
What do I win?
Me :  Haha. You still have to beat “Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo”

THM :  Dirty Bacon…”Nobody puts Bacon in a corner.”
Me :  Bacon Peaks
DM :  Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Bacon
Me :  Citizen Bacon
NE :  The bacon is not what it seems
DM :  Lord of the Rings: The Two Bacons
DM :  Lord of the Rings: Return of the Bacon
NE :  I’ll be bacon – Ahnold
Me :  Bacon-Fu Hustle
Me :  B For Bacondetta
Me :  American Bacon
DM :  SLC Bacon
NE :  O movie title.. whoops. Blue Bacon
DM :  Nightmare On Bacon Street
NE :  Friday the Baconteenth
THM :  Rear Bacon
Me :  Plan Bacon from Outer Space
NE :  Bacon Girls are Easy
THM :  Bacon Fish
DM :  The Dark Bacon Rises
NE :  Stand by Bacon
DM :  Saving Private Bacon
Me :  LOL
THM :  The Bacon Club
Me :  Behind the Green Bacon
NE :  Apocalypse Bacon
DM :  Sleepless In Bacon
DM :  Natalie, how about Bacon Now?
Me :  Baconshank Redemption
NE :  The BACONfather
DM :  The Green Bacon
Me :  Bacon at Tiffany’s
DM :  Bacon’s List
NE :  Dan I like mine  better
DM :  Jurassic Bacon
DM :  Haha fair enough… I just thought mine  sounded like a desperate command :P
DM :  Bacon… NAO!
NE :  It’s got… bacons in it
NE :  You like bacons
Me :  Bacon Runner
Me :  Battlestar Galactibacon
Me :  Bacon Recall
NE :  Was that a movie?
NE :  Robobacon
NE :  Ghost in the Bacon
Me :  It is NOW
Me :  Avatar: The Last Baconbender
NE :  Harry Bacon
NE :  Requiem for a bacon
DM :  ‎^^^ “Bacon to bacon!”
DM :  ermagerd Greg, don’t be such a sperling natzee.
Me :  The Bacon Crystal
Me :  Raiders of the Lost Bacon
NE :  The Bacon Remains the Same
DM :  Bacon Not Included
DM :  Short Bacon, starring the lovable robot, Bacon 5.
Me :  this is fucking slaying me
Me :  The Chronicles of Baconia
DM :  The Golden Bacon
Me :  Bacon Max 2
Me :  Starring Tina Bacon
NE :  On Golden Bacon
Me :  LOL
NE :  me  too
DM :  Bacon World, starrin Bacon Costner
DM :  ‎(I almost put Kevin Bacon, but that’s somoeone  else :P)
NE :  Baconball Run 2
Me :  I think you me an Bacon Bacon
NE :  Baconzilla
SB :  I asked my huband and he says: Apocalypse Bacon, A Bacon Runs Through It, Full Metal Bacon, A Few Good Bacon, Bacon Floats, Bacon on a Plane  & Kill Bacon Vol. I. (he’s the one  that watches movies, not Mme:  really) I will say Bacon Scissorhands, though.
Me :  Bacon on a plane: !!
Me :  and I think it should be Edward Baconhands
Me :  haha
Me :  there is no good reason I find this so entertaining
NE :  best bacon ever
NE :  Facebacon
DM :  Baconconda!
NE :  The Baconcage
KDW :  Baconstruck
SB :  He just said “A Bacon Named Desire.” lol
NE :  Boogie Bacon
KDW :  Rocky Horror Bacon Show
NE :  Bacon Darko
Me :  Bacon Goes West
KDW :  A Clockwork Bacon
Me :  Bacon Dearest
NE :  Dr. Baconlove
KDW :  Paranormal Bacon
Me :  or How I Learned to Love the Bacon
Me :  Bacon of the Apes
KDW :  Dirty Bacon
NE :  Laff Out loud
NE :  Baconlita
KDW :  Mr. Baconcock
Me :  heh heh ‘cock’
NE :  I don’t know that oNE : .. unless it’s a porno
SB :  Crouching Tiger Hidden Bacon
Me :  no wonder the tiger was crouching…. trying to sniff out that bacon
NE :  Sleepaway Bacon
Me :  Bacon Got Fingered
NE :  Bacon Wash
Me :  The Girl With The Bacon Tattoo
Me :  the foreign not american version
KDW :  Mr. Woodcock ;) – if I was going to do a porno movie, I’d say Backdoor to Bacon (and I only know that one  because it was plastered all over wrestling websites) :P
Me :  uhhuh
Me :  Big Bacons in Tight Bacons II: Bacon Virgins
NE :  Enter the Bacon
Me :  TInker Tailor Soldier Bacon
Me :  I’m fucking dying over here
NE :  Me :  too . Thanks for posting the bacon link
NE :  The Iron Bacon
NE :  or Bacon Giant is better
Me :  Twilight: Bacon Dawn
SB :  Oh Bacon, Where Art Thou?
KDW :  Gone  with the Bacon
Me :  The 40 Year Old Bacon
Me :  Alice in Baconland
NE :  Eraserbacon
Me :  Bacon Swan
NE :  the Bacon and the Tramp
Me :  Harry Potter and the Bacon Hallows, pt 2
Me :  Bacon:Legacy
Me :  Inglorious Bacons
SB :  Alex said “Look Who’s Bacon Too” I keep laughing about that one .
NE :  Baconberry Bacon Ross
NE :  Okay, I”m going to bacon now… goodbacon.
Me :  The Curious Case of Benjamin Bacon
Me :  Goodbacon! Bacon dreams! Don’t let the bacon bite.
Me :  BACON!!!!!!
JR :  Eternal SunshiNE :  of the Spotless Bacon
JR :  The Hills Have Bacon
JR :  Rosemary’s Bacon
JR :  The Bacons Guide To The Galaxy
JR :  The Last Bacon Of Scotland
MV :  shallow bacon
BH :  Bacon for Elephants
BH :  Despicable Bacon
BH :  There will be bacon

Whacha wanna say?

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