Reassembled Quanti-Beam: Letters From A Distant Lover Throughout History #2

00028098370.56 UT


We’ve arrived at Jaldor5 just in time to see one moon rise as one set, all bathed in a slightly blue tint by the closest star.  It was quite an experience, especially considering it was the first thing my eyes took in after seeing nothing but the inside of the ship for 8 months.  The only thing that was missing was you.  I put my hand out and pretended I could feel the familiar softness of your skin there warming my palms.  I envisioned you there beside me and did not dare turn my head as I did not want to break the illusion of your company at that moment.  Illusions can be dangerous out here, but my smoke and mirrors keep me going when it comes to thoughts of you.  I would have taken a shot with my helmcam but the beacon was damaged on atmospheric entry.  Expect a quanti-beam of our surroundings once that is functional.

As we’ve only been here 2 universal days, we’ve not yet stumbled upon the life forms picked up by our orbitals.  I’ve found enough of their waste to begin sequencing, but as of this moment, the results are not yet available.  I hope we are able to prove some form of higher functioning, especially as that would end this leg of our journey and have us back en route to New New Delhi and you.  Today the team is being dispatched to holograph plant-forms and pod those deserving of further studies.  After a string of planets and moons with only the most rudimentary biological forms, I finally feel hopeful that we’ve found something worth finding.

I better to get back to my duties.  Know that when I send out my QBs to you, I send with them a whisper of a prayer and imagine that shooting through the vastness of space and into our apartment where I long to be again.  Give the boys a hug and tell them their dad thinks of them daily.  Keep an eye on Donovan.  My last interactions with him had me suspecting his faculties are finally giving way to age.  Try to keep him out of the teleportation unit if at all possible for his own safety.

Stay Strong.

Greg [redacted]
Geneticist 2nd Class
Research Vessel Degrasse-Tyson

[ The contents of this message belong to Xenogen Industries.  Replication or dissemination is disallowed by Treaty 08923.a of the Cadre Pact.  We reserve the right of Deep Packet Inspection for any reply.]


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