Washed in the electrons of the lamb

Note: TSOMDC = The state of modern-day Christianity

TSOMDC:  Hey.  I’m almost out of juice.  Do you know where I can plug my laptop in?

Jesus:  Yeah, there’s an outlet right there.

TSOMDC:  So I plug it into you?

Jesus:  No.  You take your plug and stick it in the outlet.  That’s the source for the electricity you are looking for for your laptop

TSOMDC:  I think I see.  You are not the source for the electricity but I can get electricity from you.

Jesus:  I’m going to break this down so even a moron such as yourself can understand this.  Follow the cord from your laptop, past the boxy thing, all the way down to the end to the plug shaped curiously like the openings on the outlet there.  You take your little hands and you push that plug into the outlet without any intervention from me because you can do this yourself.

TSOMDC:  Oh!  Duh!  Sorry.  So you will put your fingers into the socket, channel the power and I can only get electricity with you as a proxy.  Sheesh… now I understand.

Jesus:  GODDAMN IT!  Did I stutter?  Did I mumble?  Do you see a three-prong opening anywhere on me?

TSOMDC:  So I have to have faith in the face of concrete evidence or you won’t give me any power for my laptop?

Jesus:  You just fucking suck.  Good luck ever finding power.  Even with me pointing directly at the source you can’t even…..argh… you know what?  I’m outta here.  I seriously do NOT have time for your bullshit….. <exits in a huff through the front door>

TSOMDC:  So, I’m still getting into heaven….. right?……………. Jesus?

Religion is spirituality by proxy.  While it can be a step to fulfilling that inner part of you, only the spiritually lazy and ignorant never move past it.
Heaven is not a place nor an afterlife but a state of mind – Hell likewise.
Beyond words, even concrete ideas, there is a source.  Find it.


4 comments on “Washed in the electrons of the lamb

  1. treegestalt says:

    We had a brawl over the Clerk’s desk at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting back around 1830, in which one claimant came out with a broken arm. And then 1/2 the US Quakers wouldn’t talk to the half in the Meeting House across the street for the next 50+ years. For religious disputes, I consider that light casualties.

    I was across the Bay in Berkeley during most of the 60’s, and didn’t hear of Stephen Gaskin myself until someone brought in a weird book by him some time in the 80’s. He’d been in the Marines in Korea, came back and taught at SF State, started wondering what his students were learning via LSD. He moved his class from the ‘Alternative College’ there to the Haight, & was teaching karma yoga from then until he led a caravan of buses around the US ~1970, giving dharma talks, then founded The Farm in Tennesee. Interesting ideas, pretty sensible considering he was winging it in front of large audiences.

    I don’t know that Jesus was ever “a Christian”; I’m pretty sure he wasn’t. But when I asked a friend, what do we call ourselves if we know that Jesus was giving us the straight poop, but don’t want to get mistaken for bigoted authoritarian moralists who want to nuke single mothers, and she said: “Christians!” What’s a person to do?

    So people take a look, let me know what you think; & we’ll see how this works out?

  2. treegestalt says:

    Okay, I’ve been inviting a wide variety of people to a Quaker group Bible study blog which I just moved here from blogger…

    I believe I would like you in particular there. You seen to have a Rumi enough head to handle it! (Read any of Stephen Gaskin’s old rants yet?)

    You do seem a touch impatient… It’s like, when I had a used bookstore where one short shelf was part of the counter around my desk. Unwary people would ask, “Hey, where’s your ‘Metaphysical’? Got any New Age books?” So I’d point to that little shelf (There wasn’t much of it worth reading!) right in front of them — and they’d turn away. Every time!” And I almost couldn’t tell them where it was.

    It is incredibly hard for tame humans to step outside whatever mindset they’ve adopted. ‘Even after 2000 years?’ Especially after 2000 years!

    The site is still pretty misorganized but I’m flailing with it:

    • I respect religions and sects that earn my respect. I actually do respect the Quakers from my experiences with them in the Appalachians and from what little I know. The Buddhists aren’t going around subjugating people or using their religion as a reflecting pool for their hate. I don’t recall the last time the Quakers started a war.

      Good on you for catching the Rumi reference! That is the only poem of his that’s stuck in my head. I honestly have not read any Steven Gaskins nor do I know who he is. After 20+ years of religious studies, I’ve given up all books on the subject or concerted spiritual pursuits. I try to just be and stay in the moment. At my best I am tapped into the source.

      I don’t think Jesus would be a Christian if he came back today. I think the preaching is a way of getting at the words which are getting at ideas which are ways of getting at the metaphors which are a way of getting to our emotions and subconscious. Once you are at the metaphors with a grasp of the ideas, it’s time to stop clinging to outdated detritus of religion and learn to swim. Jesus was giving us swimming lessons and we built a boat of misguided words.

      I’m not on this earth to display patience. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t actually get terribly angry, but I see myself as sort of an avenging angel. I won’t speak about the positive things I do because I believe that is wrong but let’s just say I am evened out. Still, the avenging angel wants it’s due for willful ignorance. I don’t see what I do as any different than Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple. I also wash the feet of travelers, but I do agitate, destroy, belittle and burn even as I calm, build, encourage and extinguish. When religion is out of decisions that affect the rights of others and when Christians get to a point where they police their own, I will abdicate that role.

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