Yes, I know I’m weird, but….

… I was using Google Insights to track racial/sexual epithets by state and did a search for “homelessness”. While I do find it interesting and inexplicable the New Mexico would have such a high search rate for this…what was really interesting was the chart above that showing timing for searches.

Notice that it has a regular pattern and looks very much like an EKG for a normal heart.  It peaks every November and a smaller peak in April. November is obvious – Thanksgiving. I am assuming that the April peak is driven by Easter. It bottoms out in July or August when, I assume, people are worried about their vacations

I really hesistate to write this bit:  My first assumption is that these peaks are driven by the Christian church.  They mobilize at the holidays to feed and cloth.  Good for them, but… this strikes me as a pattern of people who operate out of fear and not love, doing the bare minimum to assuage an angry god and make sure they have enough brownie points to get into the secret tree fort know as “heaven”.  It goes much further than that…. a self-obsessed culture, a society where we work far too much for too little – where both parents must work and juggle kids and/or household, a demonizing of the poor from the right-wing of government and a general lack of interest from the left. Homelessness will not be solved by feeding them 2 days, .00548%, of the year.  It is a complex issue which would involve a matrix of programs working as one to solve it from different angles. Affordable and available housing, food, medical care, mental health care, social supports….

What is funny is that I consider myself right-wing. I believe that a government is scaffolding for creating a society and should be dismantled as soon at the society can stand on it’s own. While we think ourselves sophistcates, we are really in the infancy of our civilization. In a healthy society, these programs would be run by the people for the people because the idea of people being homeless would be too odious to bear. We wait for others to do it. We put bumper stickers on our cars. We whine on blogs and more, but, in the end, it is my problem and your problem and that solution comes from you and me, not a government that will ineffectively slap band-aids on a gaping wound at 1,000,000 times the cost as you and I could do it together.

Until people realize this and break from their narcotic stupor of TV sit-coms, meandering shopping trips and general over-indulgence, we have government programs. What the mindlessly vitriolic portion of the right-wing does not understand is that each government program was formed out of a great tragedy. They were formed after depressions, after mass starvations, after rioting and killings, after infectious outbreaks… Each one was written with the blood of those who needlessly died so that many others did not suffer the same fate, but we are permeated with a culture that when people “get theirs”, the first thing they do is try to ensure others can not. Each one ascending the financial mountain lays booby traps for those following, making it harder and harder to climb and that mountain has gotten far too steep. This is the real problem, not homelessness.

I’m not going to go into my theories too in-depth on this because it will be far more than anyone here cares to read, but I do submit this for your consideration.


Whacha wanna say?

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