In defense of trolling

When, as a country, did we get it into our heads that we have a right to not be offended? I think some of the best things on the planet have started with things that someone considered offensive. Some took such offense to one man that they nailed him to a cross for saying we should be nice to one another. We are all part trickster gods whether we feed that side or not.  Would we really trade freedom from anonymous internet jabs for a taped mouth and shackled mind? Without running into opposition we would never know what we think. Hell is a place where everyone agrees out of fear above commonality. In the end, if something pisses you off you need to look inside to see why it did so. What basic tenet that you hold dear did it rattle and why? For every finger you point – 3 point back. I’d suffer a million bullies than one govermental bully stopping them all. I believe in you and me and our neighbors too much to believe that something like the bills that are being presented now could pass but the nature of power is to take more and more and more until acted upon by some force larger than itself.  Together, we are larger than them. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of bills floating around right now that are trying to accomplish the same thing – the dismantling of the democratization of information. I doubt it would come down to carrier pigeons at night and tapping staccato signals to each other through pipes but stranger things have happened, we all have an innate longing for freedom and assholes are going to be around regardless of what medium they choose to convey their twisted little hearts.


Whacha wanna say?

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