How to accidentally freak out your neighbors

Step 1: Accidentally shave moustache too high on one side. Even it up but decide it looks stupid.
Step 2: Get trimmers out to remove moustache but decide you want to see what you look like with a Hitler moustache.
Step 3: Put cat in crate. Rename it Auschkitz or Dachmeow. Give rousing speech to the dogs about the inferiority of the cat. Take their little arms and make them do a stiff arm salute until they get scared and run off.
Step 4: Do military march over to computer. Read Facebook comments with German accent.
Step 5: Decide to go running at the track at the local middle school
Step 6: Wonder why the coach keeps glaring at you and the Somali girls playing soccer in full burkas shy towards the middle of the field with every pass
Step 7: Get home. Remember you have Hitler moustahce, that you went running with a completely shaved head in all black.
Step 8: Decide this should be a regular occurence.


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